Does the water have flavor?

Does the water have flavor?

One of the questions that causes humanity the most curiosity is whether water has flavor. Today we are going to dismantle the theories and definitively rule on this issue. So continue reading and find out.

On many occasions when we drink water directly from a fountain or tap we can notice a metallic taste in our palate from the water we are ingesting, which is why there are people who may even indicate that the water from a certain place tastes bad.

But is that really the taste of water? The answer is no, water is a pure substance, this means that it does not contain any organic or inorganic compounds that give it flavor.

The metallic taste mentioned above may be due to the fact that the water that comes out of said nozzle contains, among others, a high content of iron and other minerals.

Why does water have no taste?

If we go deeper into the matter, we highlight the following.

Water is a chemical compound made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, its molecule is known as (H2O). As we have mentioned before, water is a pure substance, that is, it basically does not contain any organic and/or inorganic compounds that give it flavor.

Furthermore, water is considered a universal solvent, which allows it to dissolve a large number of compounds, but still none of these compounds give it flavor.

In order to perceive some type of flavor from water we use our taste buds. Its main function is to detect the chemical compounds of everything that comes into contact with it. The flavor of foods and drinks is caused by organic compounds such as acids, sugars, lipids and amino acids.

As we mentioned before, water is not made up of organic compounds therefore water itself has no flavor.

How do we flavor water?

Although, there are several options to flavor water. One of the most common is that water acquires flavors on its own due to the presence of minerals, chemicals, microorganisms or metals, among others, in the substance itself. This explains the metallic taste that we mentioned at the beginning.

Another separate case is bottled water. Some companies decide to bottle water from the different springs that we can find on planet Earth. The water flavor in these cases is zero, that is, it should have no flavor.

Many brands often add organic compounds, mainly minerals and salts to give it a sweet or salty flavor.

To expand the sales options in the market, these brands, in addition to adding the organic compounds already mentioned, can add others to give it greater flavor. With this technique we can find water with lemon, orange, peach or mint flavor, among others.

Before drinking water we must take into account its main characteristics that indicate that the water must be colorless, odorless and tasteless.

Therefore, if the water gives off an unpleasant odor or is not transparent, be suspicious of its quality and do not try it.
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