What is and How to Filter Cryptosporidiosis in Tap Water

What is and How to Filter Cryptosporidiosis in Tap Water


What is cryptosporidium and how do you remove cryptosporidiosis from tap water?

Access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human need and right. However, tap water can sometimes become contaminated with pathogens, one of which is Cryptosporidium*. In this article, we'll explore what Cryptosporidiosis is, its dangers, recent outbreaks, and how to effectively filter it from tap water.

What is Cryptosporidiosis?

Cryptosporidiosis is an infection caused by the Cryptosporidium parasite¹. This microscopic parasite is commonly found in water and soil, as well as on surfaces that have been contaminated with the feces of infected humans or animals². It can cause a range of symptoms, primarily affecting the gastrointestinal tract.

The Dangers of Cryptosporidiosis in Tap Water

When Cryptosporidium enters tap water, it poses significant health risks. The parasite is known for causing watery diarrhea, which can lead to severe dehydration and weight loss. For individuals with weakened immune systems, such as those with HIV/AIDS or undergoing chemotherapy, the infection can be life-threatening.

Recent Outbreaks of Cryptosporidiosis in Tap Water

Recent outbreaks have highlighted the vulnerability of water systems to Cryptosporidium contamination. In Devon, UK, residents were advised to boil their tap water following a wave of illnesses caused by the parasite. These incidents underscore the importance of vigilant water treatment and monitoring.

Best Filter for Cryptosporidiosis in Tap Water

To safeguard against Cryptosporidium, it's essential to use water filters capable of removing the parasite. Filters like EcoPro and EcoPro Compact with an absolute pore size of 2 micron or less are effective, reverse osmosis systems by Bluewater, and UV purifiers. These filters can remove or inactivate Cryptosporidium, ensuring the safety of drinking water.

Ultraviolet by Tapwater removes 99.98% of bacteria and viruses from tap water.

Conclusion about cryptosporidium in tap water

Cryptosporidiosis is a serious concern for water safety, but with the right filtration technology, we can protect our health and well-being. By understanding the risks and implementing effective filtration methods, we can continue to enjoy clean, safe tap water.




This article was written by Magnus Jern at Tapp Water, focusing on practical solutions to remove cryptosporidium bacteria from tap water. For more details on water filtration and safety, visit TappWater.co



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