Can I drink tap water in Dallas, Texas?

Can I drink tap water in Dallas, Texas?

Yes, you can drink the tap water in Dallas as it lives up to EPAs requirements. However, there are some reasons to be concerned such as microplastics, old pipes and corrosion and the water sometimes tastes bad. Therefore it can be a good idea to use a water filter for Dallas tap water. A high quality faucet water filter such as TAPP 2 can be a great safety measure and save money compared to bottled water.

Where does Dallas tap water come from?

Dallas currently obtains water from reservoirs including Lake Ray Hubbard, Lake Lewisville, Lake Grapevine, Lake Ray Roberts and Lake Tawakon. The water is treated by DWU (Dallas Water Utility) with chlorine and ammonia (which combines to make chloramine) and ozone to disinfect the water; lime and iron sulfate to remove suspended solids in the water and for corrosion control; activated carbon to control offensive tastes and odors; and fluoride to help prevent tooth decay. DWU tests the water 40,000 to 50,000 times every month, including tests for more chemicals than government standards require. Information about Dallas’ water quality can be found in the annual water quality reports. Dallas water is considered non-corrosive, which means that it is less likely to leach lead from pipes than water that is corrosive. Yet, we encourage Dallas residents (particularly those who live in older buildings pre 1986) to test their water for lead or to use a lead certified water filter. Despite that Dallas tap water adheres to strict regulation there are some risks of unregulated substances. Orb Media recently found that 94% of tap water in the US (and 93% of bottled water) contain microplastics. Although we don’t know the long-term impact on humans we do know that microplastics are do great harm to most sea life. Therefore it’s better to be safe than sorry and use a water filter that removes microplastics. Read more about microplastics in our interview with BBC. In North Texas, beyond Dallas, there are several areas that have had issues with tap water so make sure you have the latest information.

What if I don’t like the taste of Dallas tap water

Water treatment has some negative effects such as a minor taste of chlorine. Also, in the summer and early fall, warm water can cause algae in area lakes to give water an earthy taste and odor. Thankfully the taste is easy to improve by using a water filter such as TAPP. Taste will also improve by just letting the water sit in a carafe in the fridge for 6+ hours whereas the chlorine evaporates.

What is the best water filter for Dallas?

Can I drink tap water in Dallas, Texas? Thanks to the quality of Dallas tap water you don't need an expensive reverse osmosis, ion exchange, UV or distillation filter. For most households the best water filter for Dallas is a high quality faucet water filter. The advantage of the faucet water filters is that they can they are easy to install, affordable, sustainable and deliver tap water instantly. The disadvantage is that they don't work for kitchens with shower head faucets. Another alternative is therefore a water filter pitcher, refrigerator filter or to install an under-the-sink filter. Always make sure that you replace your filters in accordance with the guidelines of the filter manufacturer. Otherwise you might actually get worse water from the filter than from the tap. Read more about how water filters work and why you might need one.

What about bottled water in Dallas?

Texas is big and hot and Texans consume a of water. For many, bottled water is the first choice. There are also many water delivery services such as Sparkletts Water and Ozarka. But there are several reasons to avoid bottled water incl
  1. there’s a high risk that it contains microplastics - see Orb Media’s latest report
  2. there is no evidence that bottled water is safer or healthier than tap water
  3. bottled water costs 200-1000x times tap water and 50x filtered water
  4. less than 20% of plastic bottles in Texas get recycled and even when they do the production is a waste of water and CO2.

Can I drink Dallas tap water in bars, restaurants and public places?

Yes, it’s safe to drink although it might not always taste great even if it’s loaded with ice. Always feel good about ordering tap water. Avoid ordering bottled water if you can even if it’s on glass bottles. It’s a waste of money and bad for the environment. Use the money you save for an extra tip or donate it to a charity of your choice. Always bring a refillable bottle wherever you go and fill it up at home or in one of the many public fountains available. You can use the MyTAPP app (iOS and Android) to find refill stations around you. Using a filter like TAPP, you will never need to use any plastic linked with your water consumption. When it’s time to change the filter, dispose of its biodegradable cartridge in the compost or with organic waste.


  • Dallas tap water is most probably safe to drink
  • Using an affordable water filter for Dallas such as TAPP will improve taste and serve as a safety measure to remove potential contaminants that are unregulated or come from local pipes
  • Tap water is generally safe to drink in restaurants and other public places
  • Avoid bottled water and use a refillable bottle whenever you can
TAPP Water uses water quality data and customer feedback to optimize water filters for each city’s water. Please contact us if you have comments or questions. Sources: Official information: Other parts of Texas: Fluoride discussion:
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