Drink tap water in Murcia

Drink tap water in Murcia

Drinking Murcia tap water is a safe option, as established by the World Health Organization in its definition of parameters to consider water from a place suitable for human consumption.

According to its definition, Murcia water is suitable for drinking tap water every day without any risk to health.

This is established by Aguas de Murcia, the Murcia Municipal Water and Sanitation Company, which is responsible for the efficient management of this natural resource to supply the region and make it possible to drink Murcia tap water in complete safety.


Is Murcia tap water drinkable?

Through this company, Aguas de Murcia, the objective of providing quality water is achieved that allows it to respond efficiently and effectively to the needs of its inhabitants, such as being able to drink water directly from the tap and at the same time guaranteeing a balance between the quality of life of each user of the service and sustainability for the environment.

Through this management, they carry out the collection, purification, purification, transportation, distribution, consumption, sewage, reuse and return of water in what they call the Comprehensive Water Cycle to ensure healthy and quality water for use and consumption, well whether in agriculture, grazing, for drinking or cooking with tap water.


How hard is Murcia water?

Murcia tap water has a medium content of mineral salts, so its mineralization is located at an intermediate level, influenced by the terrain and geological characteristics of the territory in which it is located.

By applying an advanced treatment through effective and quality purification, transportation and distribution systems, all the requirements demanded by the local, regional and state health authorities and the management company itself are guaranteed, so the Murcia tap water It is drinkable and especially suitable for daily human consumption.


Where does Murcia's drinking water come from?

Thanks to comprehensive control of the entire process, the water collection points are clearly defined to supply Murcia with drinking water.

One of the key resources for water collection is the use of the flows of the Taibilla River, a tributary of the Segura River, and those coming from the Tajo-Segura Transfer.

The other source used as a natural resource arises as a result of the existing desalination plants in the coastal area, such as that of San Pedro, also used to supply the city of Almería with drinking water after its treatment and distribution.

The treatment to convert these natural resources into tap water takes place in the Taibilla Canals Association (MCT) and 25% comes from the Contraparada Drinking Water Treatment Station, in accordance with the origins thus recognized for the treatment of the water resources available in Murcia by the management company Aguas de Murcia itself.

In this way, Murcia's water is drinkable and suitable for human consumption. And you, have you already tried it?
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