Drinking tap water in Cádiz

Drinking tap water in Cádiz

Drinking tap water in Cádiz seems like a highly recommended option for your health and that of your loved ones if you reside in this city. The town of Cádiz has been recognized for the healthiness of its water according to recent statements from the OCU. In one of its latest reports, it asserts that it is highly advisable for the population's use, given that it contains hardly any contaminants.

It appears that the treatments applied to the potability of tap water in Cádiz have also significantly reduced water hardness and improved its taste, achieving a good balance between reducing contaminants and enhancing its flavor.

Is the water in Cádiz drinkable?

Thanks to all these municipal interventions, tap water in Cádiz is drinkable and highly recommended for use, both in food preparation and direct consumption by the population. In the pursuit of promoting sustainable development in regions with drinkable water, municipal authorities recommend drinking water from Cádiz to all those in the hospitality and restaurant industry in the area, a promotion that follows the latest guidelines from the European Union to reduce plastic usage.

These initiatives would make it possible to reduce expenses for families and users of municipal water, resulting in savings for the economy of the citizens and local businesses..

What is the hardness of the water in Cádiz?

The nature of the water in Cádiz results in high hardness at its source, due to a high lime component in the terrain. Geographically, the waters of Cádiz are considered "hard," however, thanks to controls, analysis, and improvements introduced in drinking water, tap water in Cádiz is safe for regular consumption.

Therefore, it is completely safe to drink tap water in Cádiz. According to the characteristics of the eastern and southern zones of the peninsula, the soils of Cádiz are limestone, which means they have a significant content of calcium and magnesium salts, and this is what gives it a medium to high level of lime and hardness in the water.

Where does the drinkable water in Cádiz come from?

Now that you know the answer to "Can you drink tap water in Cádiz?" drinkable water in Cádiz is possible thanks to the collection and support provided by the company Aguas de Cádiz. Thanks to this, water can be collected from the reservoirs of Cádiz and treated at the "El Montañés" Drinking Water Treatment Plant, in Puerto del Real.

Thus, drinkable water is distributed to different points in the city thanks to the Water Consortium of the Gaditana Zone (CAZG), for the supply of the entire population in this area. The company provides a complete water cycle.

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