Drinking tap water in Córdoba

Drinking tap water in Córdoba

The municipality of Córdoba is located inland in Andalusia and is characterized by being at the foot of the Guadalquivir River basin, which largely serves as its water supply source for local consumption.

The municipal water management company in Córdoba, Emacsa, supplies water to the entire population of this municipality and is responsible for completing the Comprehensive Water Cycle. Thanks to this supply, it is possible to drink tap water in Córdoba in the locality.

Tap water in Córdoba is potable and can be consumed both at home and in hospitality establishments, thanks to the compliance by the municipal water management entity with various quality regulations that certify its ISO certifications on quality and environmental standards.

The city council was proactive, and currently, water can be consumed without limitations, as capacities of local water reservoirs were expanded and collection points increased, anticipating potential seasons of drought and lack of rainfall.

However, this increase must face the challenges of global temperature rise and the new needs it entails for potable water supply in the region.

Is the water in Córdoba drinkable?

Tap water in Córdoba remains potable despite recent investigations into toxicity emanating from environmental and ecological sources. The supply network continues to provide potable water to the municipality, with the population informed about the use of filters if necessary, and the local government taking necessary measures to address any deficiencies in potable water quality standards.

What is the hardness of the water in Córdoba?

Tap water in Córdoba has a high concentration of mineral salts, so attention should be paid to this fact if weakly mineralized water is needed for health reasons. Nevertheless, both the calcium concentration in the water and its taste can be improved by neutralizing these aspects through the use of water softeners and other filters that increase water purity.

Where does the drinkable water in Córdoba come from?

Drinkable water in Córdoba comes from the natural environment in which it is located, specifically from the hydrological basins of the rivers that flow through the locality, Xanaes and Suquía.

These basins are the main source of fresh water for the municipality. Through collection and transportation, water from these rivers can be gathered to supply resources to the nearest reservoirs, treat it, and store it for the local potable water supply network. Treatment removes pathogens, microbes, and other toxic elements to ensure that tap water in Córdoba is safe to drink.

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