Plastic water bottle waste out of control in London

Plastic water bottle waste out of control in London

According to recent articles in The Guardian, the London population consumes 7.7 bn plastic bottled water per year and only recycles 32% and The Standard “tons of plastic is being thrown into the Thames” every year. Plastic water bottle waste out of control in London Image: This is what the Thames might end up like The current proposal to reduce this is to introduce a deposit return scheme similar to what exists in countries like Sweden or Germany.

Is this enough? Facts about the plastic water bottle waste

According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition it’s not just a question about recycling but first we need to refuse and reduce plastic. Because even if it gets recycled, the plastic needs to be manufactured first, then filled and later transported. And there is no scientific evidence that it is healthier or safer to drink bottled water than directly from the tap. Actually, it might be the opposite since the plastic may leach chemicals into the water over time.

What if there was an alternative for clean water on the go and at home?

There is, tap water. London has some of the cleanest tap water in the world. Just get a nice refillable bottle and you will be able to bring water with you wherever you go. And if you don’t like the taste of tap or are worried about contamination from old pipes then use a simple filter for tasty and safer water. TAPP Water provides faucet filters that can provide you with fresh and clean water for less than 5 pounds per month. There are of course several other brands that provide similar solutions. See Amazon for reviews and more information.

But it is really hard

No it’s not. Watch a video showing how easy it is to install a faucet filter:

Take action

Stop waiting for the government to introduce a deposit return scheme and help refuse and reduce plastic waste now! #jointheTAPPrevolution
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