Which Tappwater filtration system should I choose?

Which Tappwater filtration system should I choose?

If you're unsure which Tappwater filtration system to choose, keep reading to discover which one suits you best.

Is Your Tap Water Safe?

The first question to ask yourself is whether your tap water is safe to drink. The good news is that 98% of European households with access to a municipal water supply can drink their tap water. This doesn't necessarily mean it tastes great or is the healthiest option, but it's healthier and more sustainable than bottled water. Additionally, 93% of bottled water contains microplastics, while filtered tap water contains none.

If your tap water is safe to drink, you can use any of our filters (EcoPro, EcoPro Compact, PitcherPro, or BottlePro) to improve the quality and taste of your water. If your tap water is not from a municipal source, you can use our Ultra filter for well water.

Water Filter for Faucet, Pitcher, or Filtering Bottle?
Currently, we offer three types of filtering systems:

Faucet Filter: EcoPro

Our EcoPro, EcoPro Compact, and Ultra faucet filters can be installed on your faucet in seconds.


  • Improve the taste of your water.
  • Easy to install.
  • Instantly filter your water.
  • Good water pressure.


  • Some people may not like the appearance of the filter on their faucet.
  • While our faucet filters are compatible with 95% of standard faucets, there's a 5% chance they may not fit.

Pitcher Filter: PitcherPro

Our PitcherPro jug filters your tap water without the need for waiting.


  • No installation required.
  • Filters your water instantly.
  • Made of glass.
  • Named the most stylish pitcher by The Telegraph.
  • Suitable for alkaline water.
  • Ideal for tea and coffee drinkers. First filter your tap water, then heat it. Filtering hot water can damage the cartridge.


  • The water flow is slightly lower than faucet filters.
  • Less convenient for tea and coffee drinkers.

Filtering Bottle: BottlePro

Our BottlePro filtering bottle is the best choice for enjoying filtered water on the go.


  • No installation required.
  • Filters your water instantly.
  • Allows you to drink filtered water wherever you go.
  • We have an Ahlstrom option for non-potable water.


  • Designed for individual use.
  • Requires regular cleaning.

How Much Water Do You Consume at Home?

In Europe, an average household consumes about 1,000 1.5-liter water bottles per year. This equates to approximately 125 liters per month, and additional water usage for cooking, watering plants, and giving to pets should be considered. If bottled or filtered water is used for these purposes, the total monthly liters will be higher.

Our Recommendation:

  • For households of 1-2 people with low water consumption, we recommend EcoPro Compact, PitcherPro, or BottlePro for individual use.
  • If 2-4 people live in your household with moderate water consumption, we recommend EcoPro, EcoPro Compact, or PitcherPro.
  • In households with more than 4 people and high water consumption, we recommend EcoPro or PitcherPro (changing cartridges more frequently).

More information about our filter technology can be found here.

How Do You Prefer to Pay?

The last aspect to consider is how you prefer to pay. Our annual subscriptions are popular because they save you money and ensure you never run out of replacement cartridges. Alternatively, you can choose our single-purchase packs and buy replacement cartridges as needed.

Why Should Cartridges Be Changed on Time?

After the recommended time (3 months), cartridges become saturated with contaminants and lose effectiveness. It might not be noticeable in taste, but contaminants can start to pass through.

Furthermore, the cartridge is made of activated carbon, an organic material that can be a breeding ground for microorganisms. If cartridges are not changed on time, these microorganisms can lead to bacterial growth.

We hope this filter guide helps you! If you have any questions, please write to us at support@tappwater.co so we can assist you.

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