Drinking tap water in Granada

Drinking tap water in Granada

Both tourists and the inhabitants of Granada wonder whether the water that comes out of their taps is fit for consumption.

As you can imagine, the Sierra Nevada is a guarantor of the healthiness of the water that reaches Granada's homes.

In today's blog we are going to answer some questions such as whether the water in Granada is drinkable, and if you can drink it with total confidence or what is its level of hardness.

You can also find out where the tap water in Granada comes from and how it gets to our homes.

Is the water in Granada safe to drink?

This statement is based on independent studies that take as a reference the quality standards of the Royal Decree RD 140/2003, of 7 February, which establishes the sanitary criteria for the quality of water for human consumption, for which the quality of its drinking water is much higher than that of other sources.

What is its hardness?

The water of Granada has a very low hardness, with low concentrations of calcium and magnesium (especially in the case of water from the Canales-Quéntar system).

However, groundwater from the Vega de Granada aquifer has a higher hardness, which in no case affects its quality or potability.


Where does your drinking water come from?

Granada's water comes from the water resources of the Sierra Nevada. The city's main water supply comes from the Genil River. This in turn comes from the Canales reservoir.

- On the other hand, the city's water supply is fed by the Aguas Blancas River, which in turn collects water from the Quéntar reservoir through a direct channel.

- There is a third way of supplying water to the city of Granada. We are talking about the Vega de Granada aquifer. In this case it is groundwater.

The combination of these three sources is responsible for covering the supply needs in times of drought.

How can we improve the quality of drinking water in Granada?

Although it is one of the best quality waters in the whole peninsula, it can be improved.

To do this, there are filters that can be fitted to taps. These filtration systems use activated carbon to stop up to 100 substances, including limescale.

Thanks to tap water filtration systems, the taste and purity of Granada drinking water can be even better.

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