Where’s the best and worst tap water in the UK?

Where’s the best and worst tap water in the UK?

We asked over 500 people across the UK to rank the taste and quality of the tap water where they live. This is what people said.

Best in order of ranking:

  1. Scotland
  2. South West (Bristol)
  3. Yorkshire and the Humber (Leeds)
  4. North Ireland (Belfast)
  5. Wales (Cardiff)

Worst in order of ranking:

  1. East of England (Norwich)
  2. East Midlands (Leicester)
  3. South East (Southampton)
  4. Greater London (London)
  5. West Midlands (Birmingham)

Notes/comments about the ranking:

  • Cities within brackets represents the majority of respondents to the survey in each region.
  • Many of the regions have multiple water sources so water quality could differ across the region.
  • The ranking is based on people’s opinions of taste and quality and not actual water quality. At the time of the survey all regions met the government requirements of drinkable tap water.
  • Bad taste is usually attributable to chlorine or high levels of minerals. This is aesthetic rather than water quality.

We also observed that 56% of Londoners think bottled water is healthier than tap water vs 21% in Scotland and North East.

At TAPP Water we believe everyone should have access to clean tasty tap water at an affordable cost in an environmentally friendly way. #jointhetapprevolution at tappwater.co

Read more about tap water in London and the rest of the UK and best water filters for the UK.

Do you agree / disagree with the ranking? Comment below!

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9 thoughts on “Where’s the best and worst tap water in the UK?”

  1. Yo see all them foreign Muppets buying trolley loads of bottled water at the supermarket because they think the tap water in the UK is Unsafe and undrinkable .. cheeky Runts

    1. It’s 100% racist with the “runts” on the end confirming it, & has little to do with water quality as i’m pretty sure there’s just as many non foreign people doing the same

  2. I’m sure fluoride and chlorine isn’t good for the body which is added to the water supply , fluoride maybe good for your teeth , but you get fluoride in tooth paste , but it isn’t any good for the body , I’m not sure about chlorine . can there be any independent research into that .
    Oh and yes RONN is behaving like a racist idiot who needs to grow up and stop behaving like an idiot .

  3. Levels of chlorine in domestic water in the same Southampton is very high,and this is for 13.07.2020.No wonder foreigns are buying bottled water.

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