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Water-saving shower head

EcoRain ShowerHead

EcoRain ShowerHead

Saves up to 146GBP Per Year in water and energy

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Saves up to 75% water

Benefits of the EcoRain ShowerHead

  • Triple-Mode Efficiency: Choose between Standard mode for a 35%, super powerful jet for 50% reduction or Mist mode for an impressive 75% water reduction.
  • Optimized Water Jets: Precision-engineered nozzles deliver a consistent, powerful stream of water in both modes.
  • Save up to 146 GBP per year per person with the EcoRain Shower Head*
  • Energy saving: Reduce your water heating bill by up to 75% or enjoy longer hot showers for less
  • Stylish design: Metallic finish and modern design make it a perfect addition to any bathroom.- Air-Infusion Technology: Air is drawn into the water stream, creating larger droplets that retain heat longer and provide a more satisfying shower.
  • Easy installation: replace any standard showerhead with this device. Combine with your ShowerPro Diamond for filtration benefits!

* Based on an average of 8 min of shower per day with a 70% reduction in water and energy. Energy and Water costs as of June 2024.

Groundbreaking Technology Behind the EcoRain ShowerHead

  • Aerodynamic Design: Inspired by Tappwaters' advanced nanofiltration technology, the EcoRain optimizes water flow for efficiency and comfort.
  • Water Atomization: In Mist mode, water is atomized into fine particles that cover more surface area, reducing the amount of water needed.
  • Thermal Retention: The shower head is crafted with materials that help maintain water temperature, reducing the energy required to heat water.

With the EcoRain ShowerHead, you don’t have to compromise on your shower experience to save water. Join us in our commitment to a more sustainable future, one shower at a time.

Why choose EcoRain shower head?

  • Saving time, money and energy
  • Sleek, chrome-plated design
  • Guaranteed Qualit
  • 45-day trial
  • Compatible with our ShowerPro shower filter.

Product details

Material: ABS and plate is high quality stainless steel

Installation: universal thread for the shower hose


  1. Three different positions, each with a function: normal, power and mist
  2. Water exit on both sides of the head
  3. Includes spanner for disassembly and cleaning of the head
  4. Stop button on the handle to shut off water flow and flow regulator on the handle for water savings
  5. Minimum savings: 35% (standard) - 75% (mist).

Shipping and Returns

Free shipping in 1-3 business days.
We are confident that you will be delighted with your new TAPP Water product, however, if for any reason you are not satisfied, you have 45 days from the date of purchase to return it to us. We will refund the price of the product, and the cost of return shipping if you notify us within 45 days from the date of purchase.

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Install the EcoRain saving device yourself.

Simply unscrew your old shower head from the shower hose, and install your new saving device.

Useful information

Our shower saving device is compatible with Tappwater's ShowerPro Diamond shower filter.

EcoRain ShowerHead in detail

Dimensions and materials

  • Dimensions: 26 x 9 cm
  • Weight: 200gr

Parts of your filter

A. Head
B. Handle
C. Stop button
D. Flow regulator

Tips for use and recycling of the refill

Combine your energy-saving showerhead with Tappwater's ShowerPro Diamond shower filter. Transform your showering experience with the stylish EcoRain, an innovative and sophisticated showerhead and shower filter for an at-home oasis experience.

Frequently asked questions about the EcoRain® saver head

How do you achieve water savings without compromising on shower pressure and quality?

The EcoRain is designed with advanced water flow modulation technology that optimises water use. This system allows you to adjust the amount of water flowing through the shower head, maintaining a constant and pleasant pressure. So you can enjoy a revitalising and comfortable shower while reducing water consumption by up to 75%. In addition, the design of the shower head ensures an even distribution of water, providing a high -uality showering experience.

Is the EcoRain compatible with standard shower connections?

Yes, the EcoRain is designed to be compatible with most standard shower connections. Installation is simple and requires no special tools. All you need to do is unscrew your existing showerhead and replace it with the EcoRain. In just a few minutes, you'll be ready to enjoy a more efficient and eco-friendly shower.

How does the metallic finish of the EcoRain affect its durability and maintenance?

The EcoRain is not only stylish but also durable. Its high-quality metallic finish is designed to resist corrosion and stains, ensuring that it retains its shiny new appearance over time. For maintenance, simply wipe the showerhead regularly with a soft cloth and mild cleanser to remove limescale deposits and other debris. With proper care, the EcoRain will provide you with years of efficient and aesthetically pleasing service.