save money with this innovative product

This innovation is helping people give up bottled water and save money

Give up bottled water and save money

Still buying bottled water or know someone that does? You’re not alone. In the Europe, 65 million households primarily drink bottled water spending an average of €300 per year. The problem is that it is actually less safe than bottled water* and less than 50% of bottles get recycled.

What if there was a better and cheaper solution?

Now there is. EcoPro is the result of 7 years research and development to create a smaller, super filtering and affordable water filter.

  1. It’s healthier than bottled water*
  2. The water tastes great with more than 95% of chlorine and chloramine removed
  3. Save €150 to €1000 per year compared to bottled water
  4. The filter can be installed without the need for a plumber or advanced tools
  5. It’s sustainable leaving zero plastic residue
  6. The mobile app keeps track of usage and money saved

It’s easy to give up bottled water!

“Since I installed TAPP I never have to think about water anymore. It’s just there, whether it’s for drinking, preparing coffee or washing fruit and vegetables.”Mark Castley

How does it compare to other water filters?

We’ve put it up to the test against Brita pitchers, Under-the-sink filters, and other faucet filters and this is how EcoPro compares:

How is it possible for such a small and affordable product to filter so efficiently?
EcoPro uses the latest and greatest water filtration technology with high-density organic carbon blocks made from coconut shell. The product is independently tested by top water labs in the US and Europe.

What if it doesn’t fit or I don’t like it?

We are so sure that you will like it that we offer a 100% refund with no questions asked if you’re not satisfied.

Give up bottled water now and start saving money and the planet. Find out more about how EcoPro compares to other products.

*Microplastics were found in 92% of all bottled water tested and hormones/plasticizer has previously been found in 76% of bottled water. Read our full analysis of tap vs bottled vs filtered water.

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