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Water filter for taps

Ultra-advanced microfiltration · Filters out limescale · Each refill lasts 3 months

Water filter for taps

Ultra-advanced microfiltration · Filters out limescale · Each refill lasts 3 months
Flexible Annual Subscription for £ 55.39 or One-Time Purchase for £ 37.18


Easy to install
Water taste
New improved refills!
85% less plastic waste and they eliminate limescale. Available only on our website
  • Healthy, great tasting water thanks to activated carbon technology that removes more than 100 substances, including limescale
  • Instant filtration with refills guaranteed to last 3 months
  • Easy installation with no tools (adapters may be necessary).
  • Email reminders to install a new refill (reminders can also be set manually using the rotating cap)
2 buying options:

Annual Subscription

87,90€ 65,93€

12 months of water

  • Filter with 4 refills for 1 year
  • 1 refill lasts for max. 3 months
  • £44.67 the following year with automatic renewal
More details

One-Time Purchase

59€ 44,25€

3 months of water

  • Filter with 1 refill
  • 3 months of guaranteed filtration
  • Purchase new refills on our website
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Cancel or pause whenever you want
  • Safe shopping

  • Free shipping and returns

  • Recieve 1-3 calendar days

  • 45-day money-back guarantee

New improved refills!
85% less plastic waste and they eliminate limescale. Available only on our website
  • Healthy, great tasting water thanks to activated carbon technology that removes more than 100 substances, including limescale
  • Instant filtration with refills guaranteed to last 3 months
  • Easy installation with no tools (adapters may be necessary).
  • Email reminders to install a new refill (reminders can also be set manually using the rotating cap)

Screw it onto your tap.

Install it in less than 2 minutes

Get filtered water

Change from filtered water to tap water by turning the switch

New refill every 3 months

Guaranteed to be effective for 3 months

If you have

Annual Subscription

Receive 4 refills each year – save money and time

If you have

One-Time Purchase

Purchase refill packs for your filter

EcoPro filter refills

The refill is the part that filters the water – it’s the only piece you’ll need to replace every 3 months to prevent the build-up of substances and blockage of the filter.

El cartucho reutilizable contiene el bloque de carbón

Limescale, chlorine (the cause of the unpleasant taste), sand, rust and sediments, lead, mercury, salmonella, legionella, pesticides, herbicides, medication waste, nitrates and other substances > 1-2 μm (micrometres)
The refills, made of activated carbon, use 5-step Ultra-Advanced Microfiltration technology to filter more than 100 substances from tap water while retaining the essential minerals in the original water.
Replace the refill with a new one 3 months after its first use. To do so, unscrew the used refill and screw on a new one. See video
You’ll receive an email reminder 7 days before the change date. In addition, EcoPro has a rotating cap that allows you to manually indicate the month and week you started the cycle.

85% menos de residuo gracias a la carcasa reutilizable

Tested and certified

Our filter has been tested and certified by accredited laboratories to ensure high quality and performance:

Need refills?

We have EcoPro 2X refills, equivalent to 6 months of filtered water, and EcoPro 4X refills, equivalent to 12 months of water with an annual subscription which you can cancel or pause whenever you like.

Install it yourself

The filter comes with an online step-by-step guide that explains how to install and maintain your filter.

If the filter diameter doesn’t match your tap diameter, we’ll send you an adapter free of charge.

Consulta los modelos no compatibles

Not sure if your tap is compatible?

Our filters are compatible with 95% of the taps on the market.
Check here for non-compatible models

Product specifications

Dimensions: 12.4 x 7.4 x 10.9 cm Weight: 363 g
A. Filter housing B. Lever (filtered/non-filtered) C. Cartridge housing D. Carbon block C + D = cartridge
  • Only run hot water through the filter when the lever is set to NON-filtered.
  • Do not wash the filter with soap.
  • If you haven’t used the filter for several days, run the water through it for 20 seconds before using.
  • Do not expose the filter to heat.
  • The carbon block must be changed every 3 months. Learn why here
  • When the cartridge expires, the TAPP2 Twist filter housing can still be reused. Remove the carbon block from the housing and insert a new one. Re-attach the cartridge and enjoy filtered water for another 3 months.

The rotary top indicates the week in which you replaced the cartridge. It rotates manually. The numbers indicate the months and the dots indicate the weeks. Check this page.

TAPP 2 Twist uses advanced 5-stage activated carbon ultra-microfiltering.

The activated carbon block inside the cartridge is made from coconut shells and absorbs chemicals, gases, metals and organic elements thanks to its microscopic structure and highly porous surface.

As the water passes through the filter all the contaminants are trapped by the spherical activated carbon particles. The result is clean, ready-to-drink filtered water.

Filtering rate: 4 l/min (15 seconds to filter 1 litre).

Cartridge duration: 3 months from first use

Cartridge filtering capacity: up to 1,200 litres (approx. 13 litres/day) over 3 months

Carbon block density: 1–2 µm

Substances removed: 100+


The materials we use in our filters reflect our commitment to sustainability, quality and durability.

The cartridge housing is made of ABS and PC plastic, which is free of BPA and phthalates and is manufactured from natural raw materials.

The carbon block found inside the cartridge housing and which filters your water is made of coconut shells (70%) — which biodegrade in CO2 and water — and UHMW (30%) — which is inert and stable and doesn’t accumulate in marine life.

Our product also contains two small silicone parts that hold the carbon block in place to ensure maximum filter efficiency. These parts decompose in amorphous silica, carbon dioxide and water.

Choose your purchase option



Annual Subscription

£ 55.39


One-Time Purchase

£ 37.18


The piece that screws onto the tap and needs to be purchased just once




Piece that filters the water and lasts 3 months




12 months

4 refills, each lasting 3 months

3 months

1 refill which lasts 3 months

No-obligation subscription

Cancel whenever you like



Flexible subscription

Can be paused for up to 3 months



First year cost

£ 55.39

Following year, £44.67 with the TAPPHero+ reward program

£ 37.18 + subsequent refills

4 refills = £ 37.18 or 2 refills = £ 32.77

Equivalent monthly price

£ 4.62

subscription price / 12

£ 19.5

One-Time Purchase / 12


If it breaks during use, we’ll send you a new one


Just contact our support team

First year


You have 45 days from the purchase of the product




2-3 business days

2-3 business days

Automatic billing


Prior email notice


TAPPHero+ reward program

First renewal for €54.10 / £54.10 and €1 / £1 less in subsequent years



Timely reminders

We’ll send email reminders when it’s time to put in a new refill and when your next payment is due



See more

Got any questions? We'll answer them!

We guarantee that our system is compatible with 95% of round threaded taps. The non-compatible commercially available taps are shown below: img-wrap

Our filters remove unpleasant tastes and smells because they filter out chlorine, which is what causes them. Moreover, removing microplastics and over 100 contaminants helps ensure your water tastes solely of what it should: pure clean water.

Because the quality of your water and the efficiency of the filter’s filtration capacity can only be guaranteed for a usage capacity equivalent to 3 months. Our quality parameters for filtering substances and contaminants are above 95% in most cases (depending on the type of contaminant it is higher, for instance, with chlorine filtration efficiency is at 99%). The filtration of contaminants such as pesticides and herbicides, VOCs, and microplastics don’t meet our quality parameters after 3 months of usage. If you use your cartridge beyond 3 months, filtration efficiency will decay below our minimum standards. Besides the mentioned absorption and efficiency aspects, also keep in mind that carbon is an organically based material that provides a breeding ground for microorganisms on which bacteria can multiply over time. These bacteria build up behind the filter and contaminate the water in the pipe system. This is normal for all activated carbon filters, regardless of whether you live alone or with many people, or if the filter hasn’t been used for some time. A little bit of advice: if you haven’t used your filter for a few days, let the water run through it for 30 seconds before drinking to flush out any bacteria that may have built up here for more information.

After analysing the various materials and solutions available, we chose the type of plastic we use because it’s the best option in terms of durability (meaning it’s also the best in terms of sustainability). At TAPP Water, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. As well as reducing the number of plastic bottles used by customers who install our filters, we’re also perpetually evolving and questioning the choices we make about materials and transport. In short, we’re constantly looking at how to ensure that our value chain has the best possible impact on our planet. We know that we still have a long way to go and many challenges to overcome. But we’re especially proud of:

The materials we use to make the main part of the product (the filter itself) are long-lasting, highly recyclable and free of BPA and phthalates.

The materials used in the replaceable part of the product (the cartridges) are mostly naturally occurring and biodegradable, although they aren’t treated as such in composting plants.

The block of activated carbon inside the cartridge — which is what filters the water — is made of coconut shell. This means that your water passes through a natural, organic material.

Why don’t we use stainless steel? For the moment, our aim is to create a solution that, in addition to being sustainable and easy to use, is also affordable. It has to be a solution that saves households money when compared with buying bottled water. Making the filter out of stainless steel would create a solution that would only be affordable for a few users, and at TAPP Water we want to make our products affordable for all and to reach as many households as possible so as to achieve a real impact.

Yes, of course you can safely remove the filter from one tap and fit it to another one! The thread quality allows you to change tap repeatedly — when you move house, when you go on holiday, etc. You can take your TAPP Water filter with you when you travel and even use it in hotels!
Our filters are able to filter the tap water in 99.5% of Spain where the mains water has passed the local authorities’ potability tests. In the case of wells or private water tanks TAPP Water cannot guarantee water potability. Our activated carbon filtering technology removes over 80 water contaminants, among them chlorine (the main cause of tap water’s unpleasant taste), microplastics, lead, nitrates and nitrites (only measurable using special lab equipment). Click here to see the independent lab test results.

What do our customers think?

  • Does what it promises

    Excellent product that does exactly what it promises... I recommend


    Verified Purchase

  • love it

    Easy to install, water taste better, I don't buy water bottle anymore

    Simone Marchesini

    Verified Purchase

  • The best water solution to improve water taste!

    I live in East Sussex, UK, the tap water in our county is hard water and doesn't taste well, so we are usually buying bottled water. After an easy installation, the water now tastes really well and we do not need to buy bottled water anymore. TAPP Water Filter was easy to install and we are very happy with the results. Great solution and I will happily recommend to other people in my area.

    Amazon Customer

    Verified Purchase

  • Turn knob is easy to work with and sturdy (unlike the Brita one)

    This came to replace leaking Brita filter and did immediately fit, no complications. Turn knob is easy to work with and sturdy (unlike the Brita one). Water quality is good, hopefully does the job exactly as it says on tin (since I have no lab at home to prove or confirm what the manufacturer says). But seems like a great product


    Verified Purchase

  • Quite easy to fit too

    Solved the problem I bought it for. Quite easy to fit too.

    Miebak Ian-Gobo

    Verified Purchase

  • Five Stars

    Really like it! it's easy to install and to change the filters. Works well filtering the water.

    Diego Furtado

    Verified Purchase

  • Clever and robust

    This is a very clever, well-made device and definitely worth the money. The water certainly tastes better coming through the filter here in hard water Warwickshire and the bypass switch is most useful. You won't regret purchasing this.

    Dan Herd

    Verified Purchase

  • Brilliant little gadget

    Amazing. Easy to fit and has revolutionised our water drinking in the household. I could never stomach south-east England tap water, revolting. I now drink glasses of water straight from the tap. Fantastic product.

    Amazon customer

    Verified Purchase

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Secure purchase

Free shipping and returns

Receipt in 1-3 natural days


Filter systems



Filter for faucet. filter the
lime and +100 contaminants



Filter jug. Filter +80


Filtering system

Max 400L/Month

100/L week

Max 150L/Month

37,5 L/week



2nd year €54


2nd year €44

Recommended household members

3 to 6 people

1 person

Monthly paid subscription

Annual paid subscription

one-time purchase

(option without subscription)

Eliminate bad taste

Filter the lime

Filter microplastics

Filter heavy metals

Quantity of filtered substances




Plastic-free refills

CO2 neutral shipments