5 reasons to drink tap water

5 reasons to drink tap water

Why should you drink tap water?

In Europe and North America we are fortunate to have safe and healthy tap water in most countries and cities. So why do so many people still drink bottled water? Here are 5 facts and reasons why you should drink tap water (filtered or unfiltered):
  1. It’s healthier for you

    Don’t take our word for this. The World Health Organization, water institutes around the world and doctors frequently publish reports stating that this water is safer or as safe as bottled water for your health. Read more about the facts of tap water.
  2. Taste

    In some places like Madrid, Zurich, Munich, Stockholm and Oslo the local tap water tastes great. In other countries and local municipalities it may taste poor or really bad. But the bad taste can easily be removed through by using a simple filter or adding citrus fruits. According to several blind tests 9 out of 10 people cannot taste the difference between filtered and bottled water. And if you prefer sparkling water buy a soda streamer or similar product.
  3. Convenience

    The tap gives you unlimited fresh water from the tap whenever you need it for drinking, cooking, coffee, tea or watering of sensitive plants. If you use a filter then just make sure you replace it frequently and buy a nice refillable bottle for free tap water with you anywhere.
  4. Save money

    The cost of tap water is usually less than 1/300 of bottled water. The cost of filtered water when taking into account the cost of the filter and replacements throughout the year is less than 1/20 of bottled water depending on the volume of consumption.
  5. Better for the environment

    Tap water is effectively transported to your home with little environmental impact other than the water you take from nature. With bottled water it takes about 2-3 liters of water to produce every liter. But the worst part is the plastic. Although PET is an improvement from previous plastics, most bottles never get recycled and end up in landfills or the oceans. Add to that transportation of bottled water.
In conclusion we should all drink tap water if we can. If you don’t like the taste or you’re worried about possible contaminants in your tap water then this website is a great place to start to learn more.
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