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BottlePro refills

BottlePro refills

Instant filtration with refills guaranteed to last 2 months

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BottlePro Benefits

  • Filter more than 80 substances, including limescale (optional Ahlstrom version removing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses)
  • Healthy and good tasting water thanks to ultra-advanced 4-stage Microfiltration technology with activated carbon
  • Double layer stainless steel keeps the water cold for 12 hours and warm for 6 hours
  • Refills last 2 months

Substances filtered


  • Chlorine, filters 90% or more
  • Limescale, reduced by 80%
  • Microplastics, filters 99%
  • Heavy metals, filters 95%
  • Pesticides and herbicides, filters 99%+
  • Maintain the minerals
  • Other impurities, filters 95%

**BottlePro also has the option to purchaseAhlstrom™ refills that provide filtration capable of filtering non-potable water.

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Shipping & Returns

Free shipping in 1-3 business days. We are confident that you will be delighted with your new TAPP Water product, however, if for any reason you are not satisfied, you have 45 days from the date of purchase to return it to us. We will refund the price of the product, not the cost of return shipping if you notify us within 45 days of the date of purchase.

Great Taste & Product Warranty

Lifetime warranty. Get a lifetime warranty with the annual subscription. Your filter is covered for as long as you are with us. In case you are not yet a subscriber of the annual pack, you are also covered by a warranty, for 1 year.

All product purchases are covered by a 45 day great taste warranty. If you don't like the taste then return the product for a full refund including shipping cost.

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How to use BottlePro reusable bottle

By simply filling the bottle with tap water and sucking through the straw, you will be drinking pure water, free of substances and with good taste. Refill every 2 months to maintain the same filtering quality. You will receive a reminder when it's time for a new refill - it's that easy!

Useful information

Before the first use, wash the filter with high pressure water for 30-60s.
To absorb the maximum amount of water, place the bottle vertically or up to 45º.

Filtration and contaminants

BottlePro uses ultra-advanced 4-stage microfiltration technology with activated carbon.

The refill consists of an activated carbon disc and absorbs chemicals, gases, metals and organics due to its microscopic structure and highly porous surface.

As the water passes through the filter, all contaminants are trapped by the activated carbon. The result is clean filtered water ready to drink.

- Filtration rate: 1L/min
- Filtration capacity of one refill: 150 L for 2.5 L/day
- Activated carbon fiber density: 1-2 µm
- Substances removed: +80

See filtered water analysis and certificates here

Refill life

For BottlePro we have created 2 types of refills:

-Refills for public tap water with advanced microfiltration that removes more than 80 substances.
-Ahlstrom™ refills for non-potable waterthat removes 99.99% of pathogens (bacteria and viruses).

A new refill is recommended every 2 months to maintain filtration efficiency. Due to its organic material it can be a breeding ground for micro-organisms.To recycle your refill:

1. Open the refill to separate the activated carbon and the plastic that covers the refill.
2. All plastic should go into the yellow bin and the activated carbon block into the grey bin.

Tips for use

Before first use: Wash the filter with water for 30-60s. Once the bottle is full, absorb the water through the straw. Works best when upright or tilted up to 45 degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of subscribing?

We recommend our subscription for convenience and savings. Each year, you will receive 6 refills so that you already have them at home and don't have to worry about buying them when you need them.

In addition, the subscription includes the TAPPHero+ plan, which saves you much more than if you buy the refills separately. In addition, every year you renew, the annual price is reduced, so you save money for sure!

What is the difference between activated carbon and Ahlstrom™ refills?

Our standard refills, with advanced 4-stage microfiltration activated carbon fibers, are perfect for public tap water in terms of taste and filtration.

For using BottlePro in areas where the water is not suitable for drinking, we recommend the Ahlstrom™ filter which removes 99.99% of pathogens. Due to the small pore size, the outer filter has a slightly lower flow rate requiring more suction.

How to put a new refill in?

1. Unscrew the cap from the body of the bottle and unscrew the piece inside the bottle that connects the refill to the straw.

2. Once you have the inner piece, unscrew it to remove the refill and put a new one.

How do I know if it really filters well?

Both filters have been independently tested by some of the best laboratories in the world, including the Austrian Water Institute, Eurofins and iTAB in Spain.