Drink Differently

Tappwater, part of Sweden-based Bluewater, offers SuperiorOsmosis, industry-leading reverse osmosis technology.

We provide solutions for your kitchen and entire home, as well as water stations for offices and events.

  • Kitchen Station 1™

    Pure mineralized water
    right at home.

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  • Cleone Purifier

    Compact and efficient. Serves up to 40 people daily for drinking & cooking.

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  • Spirit Purifier

    Powerful yet compact. Serves up to 660 people daily for drinking & cooking.

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  • Pro purifier

    Powerful purification. Serves up to 1400 people daily for drinking & cooking.

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  • House Station 1™

    Complete whole-house solution for purifying brackish and well water

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  • Flow station

    Perfect for offices,

    fitness centers and schools.

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Bluewater is the Swedish company changing the way the world views water, by delivering the healthiest fresh drinking water around the world and helping to eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles.

We empower businesses and our planet-conscious customers to consume their purified water with a fully plastic-free solution.

The Bluewater Group is headquartered in its hometown of Stockholm, with regional offices across four continents.