Brita vs TAPP water filter review

Brita vs Tapp water filter review and comparison

How is the carafe / pitcher by Brita vs TAPP in comparison? What is the difference?

Many people are concerned about the quality of their tap water or trying to reduce the bottled water consumption. Most have heard about or tried Brita water pitchers but what are the alternatives to Brita and how do they compare? 

We compared the Brita Maxtra+ pitcher with TAPP 2 in 7 different areas including how easy it is to setup/use, water taste, filtering efficiency, water flow, capacity, sustainability, changing of cartridges and value for money (price).

Setup/use of Brita vs TAPP

This is clearly the biggest advantage of the pitcher water filter. It works straight away in every home. So what about TAPP? Based on 100s of documented installations it takes less than a minute to install and usually without tools. Simply unscrewed the aerator as per instruction and screw on the TAPP filter. In case it doesn’t fit straight away there are additional adapters provided in the box and for free from the support team.

Winner: Brita with TAPP as a close second.

Water taste

This is probably the most important aspect. How good does the water taste after filtering? Rather than trusting our personal opinion we decided to find out by doing a blind water test. During a dinner at home with 8 friends we blind tested and compared bottled water (Evian), TAPP filtered water, Brita filtered water and tap water. 
The results? Bottled water and TAPP filtered water tied as number one for taste, Brita filtered water was a distant nr 2 and tap water came last.

Winner: TAPP was a clear winner on taste

Efficiency in filtering chemicals from tap water

This was more challenging as you had to rely on the specifications provided by each company. More importantly most of the chemicals filtered / removed is generally not found in Spanish tap water. 

TAPP 2: Uses a catalytic organic carbon block made of coconut shell that removes 80+ contaminants including microplastics, chlorine, lead, pesticides and much more and reduces limescale.

Brita pitcher Maxtra+: Uses Activated Carbon that reduces limescale build-up, metals such as lead and copper, chlorine and other substances that affect the waters taste.

Winner: TAPP 2

Water flow

Imagine you want to prepare a pot of tea (1 litre). How long will it take to fill up the kettle? 

TAPP 2: Claims 4 litres / min and it took almost exactly 15 seconds 

Brita pitcher Maxtra+: Took almost 2 min to filter 1 litre of water. Obviously it’s faster if you’ve already filled up the pitcher.

Winner: TAPP 2 with Brita close second

Filter capacity

The average household in Spain with 3 people consume about 2,200 litres of water per year for drinking and cooking. How much water will Brita vs TAPP provide?

TAPP 2: 1200 litres per cartridge so 4,800 litres per year with the yearly subscription 

Brita Maxtra+: 300 litres per cartridge or 3,600 litres per year with the yearly bundle.

Winner: TAPP 2 but both deliver enough clean water for a year 


One of the reasons to use a water filter is to stop by bottled water. Clearly both TAPP 2 and Brita are much better options but is there any difference? We compared the waste from Brita vs TAPP per year.

TAPP 2: 4 Biodegradable cartridges that can be disposed in an industrial compost. Claimed to result in zero plastic residue. About 2 kg CO2 / year for the average household.

Brita: 12 cartridges made of ABS plastic with other materials unspecified. Provides the option of returning the cartridges at the customers expense. About 2.6 kg / CO2 per year for the average household. 

Winner: TAPP 2 wins based on the simplicity of discarding the cartridges but Brita gets thumbs up for the recycling program 

Yearly price of Brita vs TAPP

For both products the filter cartridges need to be replaced frequently or else they won’t work. For TAPP 2 every 3 months and Brita every month. 

TAPP 2: 79 euro first year and then 60 euro / year for cartridges 

Brita: 29.99 eur for the pitcher + 70 euro for one years cartridges (from their website or Amazon) = 99.99 euro and then 70 euro / year.

Compared to bottled water which costs the average household 326 euro per year in Spain both options will save you money.

Winner: TAPP 2

Overall winner – Brita vs TAPP?

TAPP was the clear winner on 5 of the measures, equal on one and Brita won on the initial setup.

The overall winner is TAPP 2

Review by Magnus Jern

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