TAPP Water Sustainability Certifications

What sustainability certifications does TAPP Water have? How do I know that the products are truly eco-friendly?

At TAPP Water we are proud to provide the most sustainable water filters available today. In addition to this we are constantly working to improve the product and business to become even more sustainable.

To prove our claims we have achieved several environmental certifications.

Solar Impulse

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The Label is awarded to products, services, and/or processes that combine credible environmental and economic performance, while outperforming the mainstream options in its market. The decision to grant the Label is based on a rigorous assessment performed by external, independent Experts. The development of stringent selection criteria has resulted in the Solar Impulse Label being internationally recognized and endorsed by several institutions, states, and cities around the world.

TAPP Water was awarded the prestige label in November 2019 for the EcoPro and EcoPro Compact filters.

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EU EIC Carbon Footprint Phase 1 and 2

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Thanks to our participation in European Innovation Counsel Accelerator (EIC) we were offered an audit of our company’s and products CO2 impact in 2022 based on strict criteria. We had to provide data on over 50 variables including energy consumption, materials use, waste, logistics/transportation, packaging, office spaces, IT infrastructure and more. The assessment was done through the GHG Tool with support by the team at Ramboll.

Link to more information about the certification of TAPP Water.

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Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Ellen macarthur foundation tapp water environmental certifications

Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a charity committed to creating a circular economy, which is designed to eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials (at their highest value), and regenerate nature. It’s an economic system that delivers better outcomes for people, and the environment. TAPP Water has been selected to be one of it's partners in reducing plastic pollution.

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The Plastic Pollution Coalition

Plastic Pollution Coalition is a non-profit communications and advocacy organization that collaborates with an expansive global alliance of organizations, businesses, and individuals to create a more just, equitable, regenerative world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts.

Tappwater was invited to join the Plastic Pollution Coalition in 2018 and has been an active member ever since in reducing plastic consumption and waste.

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EU rules on packaging and packaging waste cover both packaging design and packaging waste management. They aim to deal with the increasing quantities of packaging waste, which cause environmental problems. They also aim to remove barriers in the internal market – caused by EU countries adopting different rules on packaging design.

TAPP Water adheres to the strictest standards in terms of using recycled packaging and soyaink print. Our packaging don't contain any plastic bags insite and our manuals are primarily digital.

More specifically we are also registered and adhere to Germany VerpackG and Triman for France.

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Material Certifications

All the materials we use are considered foodsafe which also means that they will not contaminate the waste cycle.

Also read more about biodegradable and compostable materials in Europe and why we've choosen to use recyclable plastic rather than biodegradable materials

Water Filtration Certifications

For more information about our water filter certifications check out our Independent Lab Tests & Certifications.