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Cost savings of filtered tap water, or how to save $200-$2000USD by drinking tap water?

Cost savings of filtered tap water, or how to save $200-$2000USD by drinking tap water?

What is the cost of bottled water vs filtered water? Here’s a short summary to help you calculate.

How much do you spend on bottled water?
Most people have no idea how much they spend and when they find out it comes as a bit of a surprise. The average household in Europe and North America consumes about 1.5 gallons (6 liters) of drinking water including coffee, tea, ice and for cooking. The price of bottled water starts at about  $0.5 per gallon with brand names $1.5 or more.

This means that households spend between $275 and $1500 per year on bottled water.

What do we pay for tap water?
The cost varies per country and region from $0.002/gallon in the US to almost $0.02/gallon in Germany. Therefore the average household cost ends up being as little as $2-20 per year.

The total cost of water consumption is clearly much higher but the point is to compare drinking water to bottled water.

What about the cost of filtered tap water?
An affordable point of use water filter such as TAPP costs about $80 per year delivering 1000 gallons of water so $0.08 per gallon. Compared to bottled water this means savings of more than $190 per year.

Want to find out the exact cost savings of using a water filter for your household?

Try our water cost savings calculator.

Comparison table: Annual cost of water

Cost savings of filtered tap water, or how to save $200-$2000USD by drinking tap water?

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