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Wasser Check, test the quality of your water at home

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Retap, your reusable bottle with an award-winning design

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SodaStream Jet White, turn tap water into sparkling one

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Wasser Check, test the quality of your water at home

Are you worried about the quality and composition of the water that reaches your home? With Wasser Check you can make a detailed quality check in a short time and easily from home. After sending the samples, you will receive a report with the main parameters to watch: water hardness, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, nitrate, sulfate, fluoride, sodium, conductivity, copper and nickel.

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Retap, your reusable bottle with an award-winning design

Retap bottle is truly versatile. Its 0.5L capacity, just in between a big and a small water bottle, makes it a perfect companion to take with you everywhere you go. With its clean and sleek design, it adapts perfectly to your hand. The bottle is made of borosilicate glass, which is light and resistant. BPA free. No more single use plastic. With Retap you will have clean water from the tap wherever you go.

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*Get it for only 10€/9£ with your TAPP 1.
sodastream jet white

Sodastream Jet White: turn tap water into sparkling one

Making sparkling and flavored water at home is very easy. Turn tap water into sparkling with SodaStream in only 3 seconds! Enjoy a soda from home and give a break to the environment without the need to carry, store and dispose of bottles. Think tap water is boring? Order SodaStream including the first gas cylinder today!

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Get it in a bundle with TAPP 1 for only 57£/69€.
** Only available for shipping in Spain.