Reviews from our customers in Amazon and Facebook:

TAPP 1s: Advanced shower filter

TAPP 1s is a shower filter combining Scandinavian design and German quality to protect your skin and hair.

Reviews from our customers in Amazon and Facebook:

  • Soft skin and healthy hair – Say goodbye to dry skin and fragile hair.
  • Eliminates chlorine and reduces other impurities such as limescale and mould.
  • Lab certified shower filter (KDF-55).
  • Ideal for children and people with sensitive skin.

You have two purchase options


Clean shower water all year long


Try it for 6 months

Purchase Options

1 filter + 2 cartridges per year.

Includes 1 filter + 1 cartridge.More Information



Eliminate the chlorine, potential THMsbacteria or algae present in water.



Avoid spending money purchasing unnecessary cosmetics and beauty products.



Install it in your shower in less than a minute without tools. Compatible with all standard showers.



One of the few shower filters certified by an independent laboratory.


What does it filter?

TAPP 1s uses KDF-55, a certified technology that eliminates chlorine, bacteria and microorganisms that may be present in the water such as fungi or algae. See more


How long does the shower filter last?

Each cartridge has a lifetime of 6 months. Use MyTAPP web or app to check status of cartridge and be notified when it needs to be changed.



Amazon Client

“The shower filter is amazing. It took me 1 minute to set it up! Yes it’s that simple!”

Amazon Client

“I have been more than thrilled at how it’s helped my skin pretty much immediately and improved my dry skin dramatically.”

Amazon Client

“I have recommended to many friends with children who have eczema. A must buy for anyone living with hard water.”

Option 1:

Filter all year long

£50/€50 (£63/€74)

50,00 / yearAdd to cart


Subscription can be cancelled anytime.

With the annual subscription, you automatically receive 2 new cartridges each year. Forget about making new purchases every 6 months to have healthy and pure clean water available from your shower. The first order includes the filter with its cartridge plus 1 refill.

Option 2:

Try TAPP 1s for

6 months: £39/€39*

* Just order new refills after the 6 months.