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What have we enhanced?

More efficient

Limescale filtering!

Lots of you have asked for this, and we’re really pleased to say that we now have the solution to the limescale in your tap water! The improvement won’t only be evident in your glasses, but also in your kitchen appliances (coffee percolator, kettle, etc.). We know, because we’ve already tested it! And most importantly, it gives you peace of mind, because although limescale doesn’t have a negative impact on health many of you have told us it’s something you’re concerned about.

Easier to use

Improved water flow!

As you’ll have noticed, the old cartridges sometimes let the filtered water through at high pressure, which would lead to splashing when tap pressure was high.
With our new cartridges, you won’t have to worry about that any more when opening the tap, as they’re designed to balance the water pressure thanks to a modification made to the outlet that ensures even water flow.

Better tasting water

And zero odors!

The blind tasting panel who tested filtered water from both the old cartridges and the new ones unanimously confirmed that the water from the new one tastes better. Sensitive palates find this improvement particularly noticeable, though it must be said that the old cartridges also scored very highly for water taste. Why not test the difference with your old cartridge for yourself?

More sustainable

85% less plastic waste!

For us, sustainability is one of the major factors — alongside efficiency, quality and ease of use — that drive us to innovate. Which is why we’ve developed a reusable cartridge in which the only thing that needs to be changed every 3 months is the carbon block (the core component that filters your water). In other words, the housing is reused and only the carbon block is replaced. With this change, we’ve managed to cut plastic content by 85% and so significantly reduce our products’ impact on the environment.

How do you change the new cartridges?

1 - Unscrew the cartridge

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Unscrew the cartridge from the filter (by turning it anticlockwise) and remove it.

2 - Replace the block

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Open the cartridge (unscrew it as shown in the drawing) and remove the carbon block. Next, place a new block in the housing and screw the parts together again.

3 - Screw back in place and start filtering

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Switch the filter to the filtering position and run cold water through it for 30 seconds to flush the carbon block clean. Don’t worry if the water initially comes out black, that’s normal with carbon filters on first use.

How do you dispose of the new cartridges?

You can throw the carbon block in the household waste bin.

But keep hold of the housing, as you'll use it again with the replacement blocks!

Why do I have to throw the carbon
block in the household waste bin?

The carbon block (which you change every 3 months) has to go in the household waste because it’s an assembly of various materials. Each of them is specially selected and performs a specific function, which is why these cartridges are more efficient than the previous ones:

  • Activated carbon block: This is the core element. It’s made of coconut shell and removes organic compounds like chlorine, chlorine byproducts (VOCs, THMs, HAAs, etc.), unpleasant tastes and smells, pesticides and herbicides, as well as heavy metals like lead and copper.
  • Limescale reducer: This is the secret formula that we’ve incorporated into our cartridges to prevent limescale formation. Polypropylene layer: Covers the carbon block and filters out large micro-organisms, sediment, rust and other impurities. It also protects the block and ensures that it’s not contaminated by our hands when we change it.
  • Plastic plates: Two small plates that keep the block correctly positioned and ensure that all the water passes through the carbon block before exiting via the filtered water outlet.
  • Metal mesh: Ensures correct and balanced water flow after filtering.

This combination of materials, combined with the incorporation of the reusable housing (which cuts plastic use by 85%), is a key part of our winning formula that combines sustainability with improved efficiency.

Clean tasty water anywhere with Nasa Technology!

Now available in the US and Jamaica.

 Rohan Marley Filter Water Bottle Launch 
Filter water bottle
designed by Rohan Marley 

Rohan Marley Filter Water Bottle Launch


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