Do you like sparkling water?

Great! So do hundreds of millions of other people around the world. It’s refreshing and healthy, as it often replaces other sugary drinks.

Unfortunately there is also a dark side of sparkling water, as more than 75% of sparkling water sold comes in plastic bottles. Out of these, less than 10% are recycled worldwide.

So what’s the alternative? Sodastream

To produce sparkling water at home you need two things:

  1. Fresh clean water
  2. A carbonating device

If you’re lucky then your tap water is already good enough. As a first step just fill up a bottle and put it in the fridge to make it cold.

If the tap water tastes bad and/or is polluted then you can use a quality water filter such as TAPP 1 to turn tap water into clean fresh drinking water.

Then use Sodastream to carbonate the water in a couple of seconds.

With this duo (TAPP 1 + Sodastream) , no more plastic or carrying home bottles and you’ll save up to €100 per year compared to buying sparkling water. We have a special offer on our website and you can buy both products today for only €69 (before it was €98).

Drink and enjoy!

Wait… But carbonated tap water is not mineral water?

Actually it often is. The tap water in e.g. London, Berlin and Barcelona contains as much minerals as Evian water although less than Pellegrino. Read more about minerals in tap water here.

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