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This startup will save you hundreds of $$ on bottled water


This startup will save you hundreds of $$ on bottled water

This startup will save you hundreds of $$ on bottled waterMonday 3 September, 2018

Los Angeles, CaliforniaRecent surveys indicate that over 50 million American households only consume bottled water spending more than $400 per year on average – but TAPP Water is changing this.

Are you aware that an affordable and easy to install water filter could provide you with clean and healthy water today for your home? In addition to this it will save the average household over $300 per year.

Until now most water filters have been expensive, difficult to install and maintain, ugly, inefficient, slow flow and water wasting. Now, all of this is changing. TAPP Water has spent the last 4 years developing an entirely new water filter.

What makes it better?

The filter is designed to foremost deliver great tasting water with all common contaminants in US tap water removed. Secondly it automatically connects your smartphone to provide updates on when you need to replace the cartridges and how much money you’ve saved. Thirdly the cartridges are biodegradable and leave zero plastic residue which is good for the planet and for your health.

The filters have been independently tested in major cities across the US to ensure that the water quality always lives up to the promise of being clean.

How much does it cost?

The cost per year including the filter and replacement filters starts from about $60 per year.

Most customers will get this money in cost savings versus bottled water in 3 months and other water filters in less than a year. 

Check the cost calculator to find out how much you could save.

How will it work for you?

The TAPP 2 water filter attaches directly to the faucet working on 95% of all faucets out of the box. No plumber or installation required.  

This startup will save you hundreds of $$ on bottled water

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