50% tax credit for water filters in Italy

50% tax credit for your TAPP Water filter purchase in Italy

Have you heard that you can now get a 50% tax credit on your water filter purchase in Italy? Want to get what is essentially a 50% discount promotion code for TAPP Water products? Wondering how to do your water filter tax deduction and for which filters it applies?

In this article we will attempt to answer all your questions about the 50% discount that applies to TAPP Water products.

Why is the government subsidising water filters in Italy?

Italy has the highest bottled water consumption in Europe. Over 8 billion single use plastic bottles are being consumed every year and only about 50% get recycled. Despite the recycling rate only 10% of new plastic bottles are made from recycled plastic.

Plastic bottles have a high CO2 footprint, fill up landfills and end up as plastic waste in nature, oceans and as microplastics and waste 2-3 liters of water per bottle produced.

It’s clear that the consumption of bottled water cannot continue this way if we want to prevent a climate change disaster.

A bill approved by the the Italian government (house 27th of December and senate 31 december 2020) aims to promote tap water consumption and thereby reduce consumption of plastic bottles for drinking water. We applaud the Italian government for this water filter discount.

Why buy a water filter in Italy?

Tap water in Italy is generally of high quality but many people either don’t like the taste, worry about high limescale content or other aspects of tap water such as chlorine, heavy metals, PFAS, microplastics or pharmaceuticals.

The benefits of a water filter include

  • Saving money - with TAPP Water filters the average household saves €200 or more per year
  • Convenience - avoid having to carry home 1500 kg water per year, the space the bottles consume and having to dispose the plastic bottles
  • Health - filtered water is better for your health than bottled water which generally contains microplastics
  • Sustainable - water filters such as TAPP Water are much more sustainable reducing CO2 footprint by more 98%, plastic waste by 99% and water consumption by 70%

With the new government initiative it's like getting a 50% discount code on TAPP Water filters

Who can benefit from the 50% water filter tax credit?

Literally everyone, in the broadest sense of the term. In fact, private individuals, companies with a VAT numbers carrying out business activities, arts and professions and civilly recognized religious entities, may request it. But be careful of the different spending limits provided for by the legislation establishing the taps bonus: up to one thousand euros for private individuals and up to five thousand euros for public establishments.

The bonus also applies to changing taps, toilet and shower heads (see TAPP 1s shower filter).

Want to try TAPP 2 with a water filter tax credit?

Buy today with our money back guarantee and claim back 50% on your next tax return.

The measure of the tax credit :

  • is equal to 50% of the expenses incurred for the filter and installation.
  • it is due for expenses incurred from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022.

Questions and answers:

1. What is the Italian Water Filter Tax credit for 2021-2022?

The initiative provides for a tax credit of 50% of the costs incurred for the purchase and installation of a water filter.

2. What is the goal of the Water Filter Tax Credit?
The goal is to encourage the consumption of filtered tap water and reduce the consumption of plastic containers for drinking water.

3. How does the Water Filter Tax Credit work in practice?

promotional discount code tapp water

Purchase a TAPP 2 Twist Yearly Bundle for €89 and get €44.50 back in tax credit. Just claim it back on your next tax return by including a receipt from TAPP Water. It's almost as simple as receiving a 50% discount code promotion on TAPP Water products That’s all.



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