6 advantages of showering with filtered water

6 advantages of showering with filtered water

Showering with filtered water will remove most contaminants that might be aggressive or damaging to your hair and skin, preserving natural oils and allowing for a more natural and smoother hair. As the filter also removes chlorine from the water, dyed hair will shine longer and with more vivid colours.

6 advantages of showering with filtered water

Shower Filter for a healthy skin

While tap water in Spain is safe to drink (if somewhat unpleasant when unfiltered), its high chlorine content can actually dehydrate and irritate your skin. In fact, according to a research conducted by British Water, taking a shower with calcareous water can lead to eczema and other skin rashes, especially among children. Using filtered water to shower is thus an excellent alternative, particularly for sensitive skin types.

Reducing chlorine

Chlorine is the most commonly used water disinfectant in the world, as it is highly efficient when it comes to killing pathogens, including bacteria and viruses. Nonetheless, studies suggest that, when vaporised in hot water, chlorine steams might irritate skin and eyes, and cause breathing problems, especially among people with asthma.

Say goodbye to itchy hair

If you suffer from itchy hair and tend to have dandruff, one interesting solution might be to switch to showering with filtered water, obtaining thus a purer water free from contaminants. Our recommended solution: TAPP 1s.

6 advantages of showering with filtered water

An end to limescale

Limescale, just like chlorine and other contaminants, might be present in the water we use every day to shower. One indicator of high limescale contents in your water are usually the white stains that will appear all over your shower, and that are almost impossible to get rid of, no matter how hard you try. Showering with filtered water will visibly reduce those stains and make cleaning your bathroom a little bit easier.

TAPP 1s shower filter

Large capacity

Shower filters like TAPP 1s usually have a large water capacity which makes the cartridge last for approximately 6 months. It uses the advanced KDF-55 filtering technology, ideal for usage with hot and high pressure-water. (Replacement cartridges for TAPP 1s will soon be available on Amazon).

Easy to install

TAPP 1s can be installed in two different ways, either between the shower head and the hose or between the hose and the mixer. The filter is compatible with all standard showers, and is also very easy to use, as the installation can be done in less than a minute, without having to use any tools.

6 advantages of showering with filtered water

Get your TAPP 1s shower filter now

Available on Amazon in Spain, UK, Germany and Italy. Visit Amazon and search for “TAPP 1s”.

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4 thoughts on “6 advantages of showering with filtered water”

  1. Leviticus Bennett

    Wow, I never knew that there were so many things that filtered water could help with. I didn’t realize that chlorine could irritate my skin or eyes. My sister has asthma. I wonder if filtered water could help her breathe more comfortably.

  2. Accura Water Store

    When compared to just using UF or UV filtration technology, RO liquid purification provides an additional layer of protection because it can remove the minutest of chemical contaminants that may bypass the other filtration technologies when used alone. Combining RO liquid purification with UV filtration results in the purest drinking liquid free of contaminants. This is one of the Benefits of UV water purifiers when combined with RO technology. Accura Water Store has Multi-brand water purifier Sales Service Spares

    1. Thanks. Yes, there are use cases for RO filters of course. However to filter shower water with RO is extremely water and energy wasting. This cannot be recommended.

      The TAPP Water Team

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