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Philips Water Filter vs EcoPro by TAPP – Which product should you buy?

In 2021 Philips launched the Philips X Guard on Tap Filter (AWP3704) and Philips Tap filter (AWP3703). How do these water filters by Philips compare to TAPP Water EcoPro and EcoPro Compact? Who produces the Philips water filters? What water filter should you buy? 

Philips water filters are designed, developed and produced by AquaShield Health Technology in China. It’s a Chinese product branded Philips (Source: Linkedin). A range of water filter products are sold under the Philips brand including faucet filters, pitchers and bottles.

In this article we review and compare Philips tap water filters with EcoPro (including EcoPro Compact) by TAPP Water in 7 categories including filtration, taste, product quality, flowrate, capacity, sustainability and value for money. Keep reading to find the winner.

Filtering technology of Philips X Guard On tap vs EcoPro by TAPP Water

EcoPro 5-stage filter removes and reduces over 100 contaminants including chlorine, heavy metals, microplastics and limescale. TAPP Water is also the only faucet water filter brand that openly shares the 3rd party lab reports and certifications. With TAPP Water you and your family can feel safe.

Philips offers two different faucet filters

  • Philip X Guard On Tap – a 3-stage filter removing and reducing chlorine, microplastics and bacteria thanks to hollow fiber activated carbon
  • Philips  On Tap – a 1-stage filter removing and reducing 99% chlorine, sand and sediments. Note: To our knowledge neither of the Philips filters reduce/filter limescale.

Neither of the Philips products offer any lab tests or certifications to support the filtration claims.

EcoPro beats Philips in terms of limescale removal, independent tests and as well as more substances filtered.

Winner: EcoPro thanks to limescale removal and independent lab tests

Taste comparison

Both filters remove chlorine from tap water.

EcoPro also removes metallic taste and smell. TAPP Water has done 100s of blind tests where 9 out of 10 people in tests could not distinguish bottled water to filtered water by EcoPro or EcoPro Compact.

Philips has no published blind tests.

Winner: EcoPro thanks to blind tests.

Water throughput / flow 

EcoPro provides a flow-rate of about 4 L/min or 15 seconds to fill up a 1 liter jug

Philips X Guard and On Tap provides a flow-rate of about 2 L/min or 30 seconds to fill up a 1-liter jug

Winner: EcoPro

Capacity of Philips Water Filters vs EcoPro

EcoPro has a capacity of 1200 liters and estimated 3 months use based on a household of 3 people.

Philips tap water filters have a capacity of about 1000-1200 liters and estimated 3 months use based on a household of 3 people

Note: Some Philips customers have commented on Amazon that the capacity is less than 100 L as the filter gets clogged and the flowrate is reduced around 500-600 L. The estimates in terms of time use are based on a household with 2-4 people 

Winner: EcoPro with slightly more capacity

CO2 footprint / sustainability 

Philips water filter x guard vs tapp water ecopro

EcoPro by TAPP Water uses less plastic (silicon only), less parts and less weight than Philips. 

The estimated CO2 footprint of EcoPro for the first year is 1.91 kg and second year 0.42 kg.

The estimated CO2 footprint of Philips On Tap and X Guard for the first year is 2.4 kg and second year 0.8 kg. 

Note: These are estimates.

Winner: EcoPro thanks to lower weight and 75% less plastic.

Product Quality and Warranty

Both products are made of high quality ABS and PP plastic. TAPP Water uses a higher quality stainless steel connection to the faucet for better fit and perceived higher quality.

Warranty comparison:

EcoPro 45-day, unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee with free return and lifetime warranty for subscribers in case your TAPP Water filter gets damaged.

Philips 30-day, unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty in case your Philips tap water filter gets damaged

Winner: EcoPro

Price and cost per year 

Chinese products/brands like Huawei, Honor and MI will generally be cheaper than European brands. In this case the comparable Philips X Guard is actually more expensive. See comparison table.

EcoPro By TAPP WaterPhilips On TapPhilips X Guard
Standalone price for one filter including cartridge€49.00€39.00€49.65
Cartridge price (individual)€19.98€9.99€25.99
Total price first year (household of 3-4)€89.00€69*€127.62*
Total price second year€59.00€39.96*€103.96*
* Prices checked on Amazon October 2021.

Winner: EcoPro as it saves 30 euro the first year and 45 euro the second year compared to Philips X Guard

Summary and conclusion of Philips water filters vs EcoPro by TAPP Water

What water filter should you choose? 

In our comparison EcoPro beat Philips in 6 areas and tied for another 1 out of 7 in total. The obvious winner overall is EcoPro or EcoPro Compact by TAPP Water if you are looking for a great faucet water filter.

Water Filter ComparisonEcoProPhilips On Tap and X Guard
BrandTAPP Water based in Barcelona, Spain with certifications for all European countries AquaShield Health based in China
Independent testingEcoPro by TAPP Water is independently tested with results available to download.No lab tests available
Filtering 100+ contaminants including chlorine, heavy metals, microplastics, bacteria and limescale.  On Tap: Only chlorine and sediments
X Guard: Chlorine, heavy metals, microplastics and bacteria.
TasteGood tasting water after filteringGood tasting water after filtering
Water throughput / flow 15 seconds to fill up a 1 liter jug30 seconds to fill up a 1-liter jug
CO2 footprint / sustainability First year: 1.91 kgSecond year: 0.42 kg.First year: 2 kg Second year: 0.8 kg.
Filter monitoring / reminders on when to replace the cartridgesEmail reminders, mobile notifications and web monitoring.
Calendar on the device.
Capacity 1200 liters and estimated 3 months useOn Tap: 1000 liters and estimated 3 months use 
X Guard: 1200 liters and estimated 3 months use
Warranty45 day30-day
Money-back guarantee100% money-back guarantee with free return and lifetime warranty for subscribers.100% money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.
Price cost per yearPrice for first year: €89
Price per year for 4 cartridges: €59
On Tap first year: €69
On Tap second year: €39.96

X Guard first year: €127.62
X Guard second year: €103.96
Loyalty ProgramSubscription price is lowered every yearNo loyalty program

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