6 benefits of a shower with filtered water

6 benefits of a shower with filtered water

A shower with filtered water eliminates products that are bad and aggressive with your hair and skin, keeping the natural oils, resulting in more natural and softer hair. In the case of dyes, this helps them last longer and look more vivid and with more color, since chlorine oxidizes the hair.

Healthy skin

It is known that most of the water we shower with contains components that can dry and irritate our skin. In fact, according to research by British Water, there is a direct relationship between showering with lime water and childhood eczema. Showering with filtered water is a very good alternative for the sensitive skin of your baby or child.

Chlorine reduction

Chlorine is the most used water disinfectant in the world, and especially to disinfect public water, although it is easily absorbed through the pores of the skin, and not only that, but hot water vaporizes the chlorine and when inhaled it also It can be harmful to our health.

The end of itchy scalp

If you have itchy hair and also have dandruff, removing chemical contaminants from the water with a shower with filtered water may be your best solution. In addition, lime accumulates on the shower screen and on the taps, but also on the hair. If you are interested in one you can purchase TAPP 1S

The end of lime

Lime, like chlorine and other contaminants, can be present in the public waters that we use daily. It builds up so that you have a whitish layer around the shower screen. This brutally hardens the water. The filters will soften it and the shower will be purer.

Great capacity

Shower filters usually have a very high capacity to withstand both temperature and pressure, so you don't have to worry about that issue. In addition, our specific filter has a useful life of 6 months of continuous use with technology for high temperatures and pressure (KDF-55).

Easy to install

Shower filters are very easy to install. You can install them in the vast majority of showers and bathrooms. If you have a steel shower hose you can surely install either type of shower filter without complications.

6 beneficios de una ducha con agua filtrada

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